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2010 Edublog Awards Nominations

This is the first time I have participated in the nomination process for the Edublog Awards. As trite as it may sound this was quite an arduous task, taking me nearly two weeks to complete. There are so many great blogs out there, these are my favorites.

Best individual blog: Spencer’s Scratchpad

  • I’m reasonably sure there is no blogger out there that I admire and respect more than John Spencer. Like a pragmatic philosopher, John eloquently and truthfully reflects on teaching and living. His writing simultaneously inspires me and makes me fume with envy, that’s how I know its great.

Best individual tweeter: Joe Bower

  • Joe Bower’s antagonistic and rabble rousing tweets about abolishing the grading systems in schools have inspired me to question, if not actively undermine the status quo. Joe’s tweets are like 140 word punches in the arm.

Best group blog: Connected Principals
Best new blog: Connected Principals

  • Although new on the seen the Connected Principals blog deserves to be recognized for giving a united voice to innovative administrators.

Best class blog: Mr. C’s Class Blog

  • Not only has William Chamberlain created the amazing #comments4kids, which has had a direct impact on my own students, but he also maintains an amazing blog for his class. With this blog William’s students are reflective and engaged. I wish my own children could have William as a teacher.

Best resource sharing blog: iLearn Technology

  • Kelly Tenkely and her blog really need no introduction, but no one works harder or with a happier spirit to share tools and best practices with educators.

Most influential blog post: The 30 Goals Challenge

  • This is more than one single blog post, but it is the most influential I have seen. The 30 Goals Challenge has lead to action and has made a tangible contribution to culture change in schools.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #edchat

  • Edchat really needs no introduction. It is the reason I came to Twitter and the reason I stayed.

Best teacher blog: Teacher Reboot Camp

  • The magnitude of Shelly Terrell’s contributions to education can be overwhelming, but don’t overlook her excellent blog. Her blog is practical and useful and contains something for everyone. From interviews to challenges this blog has it all.

Best school administrator blog: The Principal of Change

  • The first time I got the chance to interact with George Couros was during and after the Reform Symposium this summer. His sense of humor makes him easy to relate to but it is his ideas about education and school culture that will stick.

Best elearning / corporate education blog: Edutopia blogs

  • The Edutopia blogs are a great resource and a lot of really great writers post there. Read it.
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