Student Bloggers Wanted! No Rent, Free Parking!

I have some students who expressed an interest in blogging just for the sake of writing, not for a grade. Initially I had about fifteen interested students but that number has dwindled down to four or five students who consistently post. If you have students interested in blogging but for whatever reason have not set one up, or perhaps the prospect of administering a student blog seemed overwhelming I have a deal for you. I already have a blog set up and running. I have quit a bit of experience blogging personally and with students. I have hardcore spam protection set up. I will administer, moderate and commentate on the posts. If you have students interested in blogging they are welcome to join my students (who are desperate for other writers to interact with). Registration is open. All high school students are welcome. Just direct your browser to this address and click register.

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6 thoughts on “Student Bloggers Wanted! No Rent, Free Parking!

  1. ktenkely says:

    This is incredibly generous of you! Is it okay to cross post your offer on iLearn Technology? I hope that teachers take you up on this!
    .-= ktenkely´s last blog ..Kerpoof: Make a StoryBook =-.

    • Chris says:

      That would be awesome! Please do and thank. I’m really hoping that if I can get a few more students interested, the ones that are participating now will stay interested.

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  3. ktenkely says:

    Cannot believe you are so open and willing Chris, here is the post:
    Thank you for offering this!!
    .-= ktenkely´s last blog ..Webspiration Wednesday: Virtual PLN Hugs =-.

  4. Debra says:

    Chris,I sent this off to the head of our high school. I’m hoping to get some students interested in blogging with you.

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