School of the Future Series: In Defense of Daydreaming

After generating a little interest in this series and a some scorn, I need to answer one question for myself before I continue this fantasy. That question is, why waste your time daydreaming about the future when the present state of education is in such disarray? The inquiry is a fair one to be leveled, and I answer in this way. The average, hardworking classroom teacher knows that the emperor has no clothes, but is either two frightened, powerless or disenfranchised to take any action. I know this from experience. The few colleagues who cared about the issue would come into my room after the students had left and plead with me, asking me if I was as frustrated as they were and why I wasn’t doing anything about it. I would always reply that the only thing any of us could control was what happened within the four walls of your classroom between the bells and that any energy spend outside of that was wasted. I still feel that way to a degree, and believe that this is always what classroom teachers should spend the most of their energy on. But now that I have made so many connections with like minded educators from all over the country and the world, I feel like it might not be such a stretch to believe that my sphere of influence could extend beyond the four walls of my classroom. Maybe if enough people read my ideas, or share my ideas, eventually someone with power will hear them, or ideas like them, and actual change will happen. So thank you for indulging me. It is precisely this ‘daydreaming’ that will keep us all sane. Now on to the next post in the series.

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One thought on “School of the Future Series: In Defense of Daydreaming

  1. ktenkely says:

    The dreams do need to reach beyond your four walls.  Your classroom may be the only one that you have direct control and say in, but it is only when educators come together with a common passion, goal, and mission that we will begin to see change.  Right now politicians who have never been in the classroom seem to be the only ones affecting change.  We can’t sit by and let this happen to our students any more.  I’m excited to read more of your daydreams and I am happy to jump right in there with you!

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