School of the Future Series: Introduction

My PLN and I spend a great deal of time talking about the future. We often bandy about phrases like 21st Century Skills, Digital Citizenship, Digital Native and others. We also spend a great deal of time bemoaning the current (undeniably broken) state of things in the educational system. After many conversations I started thinking, ‘what does this magical alternative’ look like, how does it work? So I would like to embark upon an exploration of this very topic with the few readers I have. I would like to break the conversation into pieces, since the traditional system is my only real frame of reference, that is where I will begin, although it is quite likely at the end of this discussion that things will look quite different.

Here are the systems within the system I would like to explore. Each one will have its own blog post:

  • Funding – how is the school of the future paid for?
  • Infrastructure – what does the school of the future look like, inside and out? Does the school of the future even have a physical location?
  • Administration – what is the administrative hierarchy of the school. Is it even a top down system?
  • Teachers – what do the teachers in this school look like, what can they do? What do they believe? How much are they paid?
  • Curriculum – who creates it? What’s in it?
  • Students – how do students interact with this school?

Is there anything I am missing in this exploration? Would any of you be willing to be a guest blogger on any of these sub-systems?

OK, because of some helpful suggestions I will be adding a couple of subjects to the exploration. The first will be assessment, which I will separate from curriculum. Secondly, I would like to examine exit outcomes for students (what do they need to know before they leave the school, and why).

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5 thoughts on “School of the Future Series: Introduction

  1. Chris says:

    Outcomes? Assessments? What will define success? Can’t wait for the exploration to begin. Will certainly be following the discussion!

  2. Who will sanction the accomplishment of students?
    Colleges currently require X number of courses in a specific set of subjects and a high school diploma for entry into college.  For many students, the college entrance requirements are what matter to them most.  Who will we decide what those entrance requirements are and whether they’ve been accomplished?

  3. I know that traditionally assessment and grading might appear in curriculum,  but I think in the current culture they need to be addresses individually.
    I also think that social promotion as a tool to manage the flow of students through the system needs to be addressed.

  4. ktenkely says:

    Looking forward to the series.  We must be on the same wave length, I started a blog last week called Dreams of Education as a place to keep my own thoughts and dreams of what could be.  It is not live yet but I will keep you posted and look forward to the conversation here!

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