2009 EETT Grant Workshop

dsc_0010-w450-h299The Madison-Oneida BOCES, applied for and won the 2009 Title II, Part D Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Grant. This is kind of a big deal as the grant infuses a lot of money into many local districts for the purpose of instructing technology leaders in ways to use Web 2.0 tools to improve student literacy. These leaders were invited to attend a three day seminar were they were introduced and reminded of a number of excellent Web 2.0 tools that are easily employed in the classroom.dsc_0007-w450-h299 Here is a link to the flyer that was produced for the event. Some of the tools that were discussed included Xtranormal, Blabberize, bubbl.us, VoiceThread and others, many of which are over on the links page. These teachers will be working together throughout the year in learning communities and are required to produce a minimum of two learning experiences that incorporate Web 2.0 technologies and best practices. The group was a mix of techish types (eh-hem), techy moderates and enthusiastic newbs. dsc_0012-w450-h299I am very excited to be working with these people throughout the year and spreading the gospel.

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